Nicola Reynolds, PhD

About This Project

Current research

Embryonic stem (ES) cells are a unique type of cell that can become any of the more specialized cell types in an organism and are therefore of great therapeutic potential. The aim of my work is to understand how the molecular control of gene expression instructs stem cells to change identity, and allows cells to adopt specific fates. I use a variety of techniques to do this such as the use of genetic mutants combined with biochemistry, molecular biology and genome-wide analyses.


Teaching experience

I have many years supervising undergraduate and graduate students at both Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities in the UK. I regularly present talks at all levels concentrating on stem cell biology and the molecular mechanisms of transcription.


Current position

Senior Research Associate at Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Cambridge University UK


Fields of expertise

Stem cells, Transcription, Chromatin, Genome-wide and single cell techniques.

Expert, Stem cells
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