Natnael T Hamda, PhD

About This Project

Current research

My researches mainly focus on developing and application of cutting-edge
 machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in the field of 
environmental science. Currently, I am applying an artificial neural
network-based machine learning technique to predict the effect of dam 
operation on downstream river water temperature of the Sacramento 
River based on 82 years historical climate data. The model will be linked 
to ecological models and serve as a decision-making tool to evaluate 
different water usage on the aquatic ecosystem. Due to the 
multi-disciplinary nature of my expertise, I am also collaborating with 
different researchers, particularly in the area of Data Mining and Machine 


Teaching experience

I have more than five years teaching experience at Addis Ababa University, in Ethiopia. I taught courses in ‘Numerical Techniques for Engineers’; ‘Modeling in Chemical and Environmental Engineering’; ‘Fate and Transport Modeling in Surface and Ground Water’; ‘Advanced Transport Phenomena’. In the curriculum, I included and taught MATLAB as a programming platform.¬† While I was in Europe for my Ph.D. study (2010-2014), I traveled for two summers to teach graduate students in the area of Advanced Transport Phenomena in Environmental Engineering.

Current position

Project Scientist at University of California SC, NOAA affilated, Santa Cruz, Ca, USA


Fields of expertise

Machine Learning, Mathematical/Statistical Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Environmental Science, Ecotoxicology

Computer science, Engineer, Expert
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