Liam Keegan, PhD

About This Project

Current research

Molecular genetic studies on ADAR RNA editing. Effects of RNA editing and RNA modifications on innate immune responses in response to infection and diseases in the developingworld.Effects of RNA editing and RNA modifications on aberrant innate immune responses in inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases in the developed world.


Teaching experience

Harvard University Graduate Stuent teaching fellow 1981-1990,
Edinburgh University Lecture in Molecular Genetis 2005-2009,
Visiting Lecturer in Stockholm Univrsity 2014,
Masaryk Univerity Brno 2015,
Visiting Lecturer on Gene Regulation, Addis Ababa University, Nov. 8-18, 2015

Current position

Researcher at Central European Institute of Technology at Masary University (CEITEC MU), Czech Republic


Fields of expertise

Molecular Genetics in yeast, drosophila, mice and human. Neurodegeneration. Innate immunity. Inflammation.

Expert, Immunology, Molecular Biology
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