Carmen Fernández, PhD

About This Project

Current research

I am involved in the study of various aspects of the humoral immune response, B cell activation, induction of memory and the influence of aging in the immune system. One important aspect in our work is to understand the communication between the innate and the adaptive systems leading to protective immune responses. Currently, we are studying the mechanisms leading to optimal local mucosal responses in the respiratory tract and to assess the participation of the innate immune system in protection and susceptibility to disease. As infection model, we frequently work with Mycobacterium in mice.


Teaching experience

During all these years she has been involved in teaching at all levels from basic to advance and participation in seminars, congresses and meetings both national and international. In her lab, she has also supervised the research of undergraduate students, PhD student and Pot Doc fellows. Internationally, important to mention here are the collaboration with Palermo University in a PhD international program and the EU project PRD college (Poverty Related Diseases College) created in 2007 with the aim of training the next generation of European and African PRD Scientists.


Current position

Professor emerita at Stockholm University, MBW, Sweden

Fields of expertise

Immunology, Innate & adaptive immunity, Mucosal immunity, Tuberculosis

Expert, Immunology
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